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Top 5 Reasons to Cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines

carnival* The “Evolutions of Fun” enhancements on the Fantasy-class ships.
* Carnival Dream’s expansive deck space, unique cabin designs, and the largest-ever Carnival spa .
* Carnival’s friendly, responsive crew .
* The affordability and attainability of a Carnival cruise
* Carnival cruise’s emphasis on fun for all ages.

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75 percent off standard cruise fares with expedia

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Make Celebrity your next cruise

If you think about it, it’s an extremely cost-effective and time-efficient way to take a holiday. Consider all the time you’d spend driving yourself to several different destinations, packing and unpacking at each hotel, and searching for restaurants and other services. On a cruise you don’t drive anywhere for seven, ten, fourteen days or even even more. Even if you were on a bus tour with no driving yourself, you haul your luggage or at least one package and unpack it at every new stop. On a cruise, you check your luggage when you check in and it magically appears in your cabin, stateroom, or even suite. You’re at home for the duration of the cruise. And the food! Every ship has several restaurants staffed by world-class chefs, and the cost of the food is included Continue reading

What’s different about Norwegian Cruise Line freestyle cruises

The Norwegian Cruise Line or NCL was founded by Ted Arison and Knut Kloster in 1960. The NCL cruise line office can be found in Miami, Florida but it is actually under two major international management outfits, Apollo and Star. Two other establishments, NCL America and Orient Lines are under NCL. Ever since NCL was formed, it has become a major player in innovative cruise business. The company’s pioneering spirit has carried it through many firsts.

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A great cruise deal? How to find one

For some people, a cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. For others, it’s an annual event. But whether you’re a frequent sailor or a first timer, a cruise deal is a must for those of us on a vacation budget. Avoid going in blindly and picking up any and all cruise brochures from a travel agent and then picking the first itinerary that appeals to you. In your breathless excitement to start packing, you might miss some big savings. No one pays full price if they can help it and everyone looks to score better value for their money. If you were buying a new car, wouldn’t you do all you could to negotiate for lower prices and better perks? Of course, and it’s the same with a cruise deal.

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