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Return of Lise-Marie to AC Cargo YYZ

Hello All,Air Canada Cargo YYZ

The previous walk-around with Lise Marie was so successful we are going to do it again. Lise-Marie called us and told us that she wanted to come back and give answers to some of the questions that she was asked. She would also like to give others the chance to meet her and hear their concerns. This time around she will be accompanied by Jim Beaudrea. She will be walking around the building on Thursday November 12th from 1000 until 1200 and again from 1400 until 1600. Again, we believe that this is very worthwhile and hope you all pass this on and take this opportunity to have your voices heard.

Also, last week we had a meeting about the upcoming vacation bids. We were successful in getting the company to agree to the following:

  • all of your vacation bid times for ALL of your choices will be available at the same time
  • at the conclusion of each round of bidding –all of the selected vacation slots will be posted on the wall
  • when you go in to bid your vacation the slots will be posted on the wall for you to see rather than on the computer

We hope that this will make the process easier for you all and more transparent.